Besan Ladoo (Roasted Chana Dal Ladoo)

Besan ladoo is the most favorite ladoo of all children and I know some grown ups who relish these ladoos just by mere reminder of their childhood days. Pathare prabhu’s have modified them a little bit to make them even more delicious with a new face.

These laddo’s can be shaped in several shapes or character which is loved the most by your child or any person whom you wish to gift the PITHORI VAAN.

Roasted Chana Dal – half kg
Powder sugar- half kg
Ghee- half kg
Elachi powder- 2 tsp
  • Grind the Roasted chana dal in a mixer to make a fine powder that needs to be sieved in an utensil.
  • Now pour the ghee in a board pan where you can beat it using the palm of your hand or simply using an electronic beater. How long do you beat the ghee??? Normally the ghee is transparent in colour after enough of beating it becomes opaque.
  • Gently sieved the powdered sugar in the beaten ghee pan and mix well.
  • After that fold the sieved roasted chana dal powder and make a uniform dough that can be molded easily. Add eliachi powder at the end for flavour and make your masterpieces.

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