How to serve? Maharashtrian Cuisine

The state of Maharashtra has evolved in most aspects over the last decade. However, the Maharashtra’s culture and cuisine is still unique. Our elders have tried their best to preserve their culture. The concept of अतीथी  देवो भावो has still been practiced hugely in numerous households. Normally, we eat food in plates, but if there are any guest expected most families serve food on a Banana leaf.
On the banana leaf there is a specific place allotted for every food element prepared. So here is a detailed picture of How to serve!

Upper left corner : Salt, Lemon, Chutney, Pickel, Salad, Panchamrut and Vatleli dal
Upper right corner: Sukhi Bhajji, Rasa Bhajji and Allu chi bhajji
Middle left side: Fried items like Potato vada, Bajji, Papad and Papdi and
Sweet cuisines like jellibi, puran poli, laddo
Centre of the Leaf: topmost is sugar rice followed by masala rice and tradition rice and dal
Lower left corner: Breads like wade, gharge and puris
Lower right corner: Ghavachi kheer
Outside the leaf on the Upper right side you can serve Amti, Kadi and Basoondi.
Serving ghee (tup) on the top of rice and dal is a must.


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