As rightly known as Festival of Lamps…DIWALI has its prominent place in the entire yearly calender. Every corner of the house is cleaned and decorated just for this festival. The streets are well lighted and there are lanterns swaying with the wind.

Well centuries ago this celebration originated and has remained a part of Hindu culture. Today also, I can see the eldest member of the family providing some inputs of how this Diwali festival is celebrated at their respective community.

Six years ago I became a part of the Pathare Prabhu community and have learned a few specialties from my mother in law and father in law. This Diwali I have made it a point to capture few glimpses of various Diwali days.

At the day of Laxmi Pooja, we worship Laxmi Devi which is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The entire family welcomes Her at their homes. Pathare Prabhu families also keep Javayi outside their houses.

Javayi are small lamps made of dried plant bark called nivdung. There are 16 lamps lighted on a plank which are kept outside the house. In olden times when any Pathare Prabhu family had a daughter and they liked a boy in their community as groom for their daughter. The girls family would promptly place Javayi outside the prospect groom’s house. If the boys family accepts the proposal they will take the Javayi home or if other wise they would pour water on them.

The Rangoli on this special day typically consists of two swan along with a lotus flower which is the carriage for Laxmi Devi.


1. Laxmi Poojan
Laxmi Poojan
5 Ajinkya Family at Laxmi Poojan
Ajinkya Family at Laxmi Poojan
6. Javayi
4. Javayi kept at our door step
Javayi kept at our door step
3. Rangoli
2. Javayi

2 thoughts on “Diwali

  1. For me Diwali represents rows of lamps which give light and clear the darkness. It has simple message, open your hearts to all who need help. Customs and traditions are the one who don’t understand that. I came from the dalit backward class family, son of a teacher who taught me no perfect rituals,prayers but gave right kind of advice to understand what Diwali is. I didn’t have to learn from others. Anyway enjoyed the writing. Happy Diwali to all.

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